Here at ELFIN Engineering & Solutions, we welcome diversity, innovation and complex challenges, where transparency and honesty are core to our work and communication. We listen intently and equally to both customer and candidate requirements. Matching the two together for a perfect placement.

Each candidate is an individual and unique key that can help to unlock and elevate our customer’s projects and businesses.

With a respectful and understanding approach, our experienced and flexible team works promptly to provide and support our customers with excellent engineers and professionals, to create solutions based upon their needs.

We are a reliable, open- and international-minded team that works tirelessly to bring the best of all things engineering and IT together, to create a successful, modern and strong route forwards in these ever-evolving industries.

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Our Philosophy

A personal approach for the best solution.
Together we understand, support and strengthen.

Our Expertise

We know engineering and IT. 
We don't just match keywords - we match people.

Our Experience

We have over 30 years' collective experience in recruitment and services.


"I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies." - Lawrence Bossidy, GE

Ebu Karatepe

Managing Director

Open-minded, focused and pragmatic.

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Kim Kamp

Senior Recruiter

Bright, dedicated and helpful.

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Julia Karatepe

Business Development Manager

Supportive, empathetic and results orientated.

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Philippa Smith

Employer Branding, Marketing & Talent Acquisition

Creative, optimistic and solution orientated.

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Monika Pakosch

Head of Business Administration

Reliable, approachable and attentive.

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